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Phenix City Housing Authority’s Resident Services offers programs to encourage our residents to become more self-sufficient, healthy, and financially independent. Our Resident Services Department is designed to help improve the resident’s quality of life while building healthy communities. The Resident Services component makes supportive services and programs available to residents and promotes personal growth and family stability.

Resident Services collaborates with local service providers and other nonprofits to bring resources to our residents. These services are provided on-site or through a referral system. Our Resident Services programs focus on education, employment, youth, financial literacy, and health and include:

  • Jobs and Education: PCHA provides a range of opportunities for our adults to further education or career by offering GED Classes, Job Training, and more.
  • Y.E.S.! Program – Due to Covid-19 restrictions and for the safety of the children our Y.E.S.! Program is temporarily closed.  We hope to offer theses services again soon – assisting PCHA Youth with homework, reading, math, and enrichment activities as well as offering a Summer Camp during the months of June and July. Stay tuned for Y.E.S.! Program Announcements. 
  • Senior Food Distribution is hosted monthly for Phenix City Housing Authority residents and Section 8 participants ages 62 and above.  The distribution site rotates monthly to make this event more accessible for our seniors.  Please contact Tiffany English 334-675-4071 for information about getting on our Senior Food Distribution list.
  • Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program is open to Alabama residents age 60 and above.  Registration is done annually, and eligible seniors will receive a $30 voucher booklet in the mail.  These vouchers can be used at the designated farmers market hosted during the summer months at Garrett-Harrison Stadium Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings.  Interested residents can register online at
    or contact the resident services department.
  • ROSS Program – is a public housing resident opportunities and self-sufficiency program funded through HUD to assist residents with supportive services and service coordination.  Please click here for more information (GOES TO ROSS PAGE)

Please contact Tiffany English, PCHA’s Resident Services Coordinator at for more information on any of the services listed above or for help with education, employment, childcare, financial literacy, and/or health topics.

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Programs and Services

Phenix City is a part of a wonderful community! There are so many services for you and your family to utilize to help you get ahead! Get started on your goals TODAY!

Jobs and Education

We provide a range of opportunities for our adults to further their education or career:
GED Classes
Job Training
& More!

Y.E.S! Program

Our Y.E.S! Program is design to assist our HA Youth Residents with homework, reading, math and & enrichment activities as well as providing Summer Camp.

FSS Program

PCHA operates a voluntary FSS Program and HUD ROSS Program. These programs work with residents individually to help them identify their goals and develop an action plan to achieve them. Successful FSS graduates will receive an escrow account to help them buy a car, go to school, put a down payment on a house or an other self-sufficient purchase.

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