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The following information about renting is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

How can I get into HUD housing?
Answer: HUD doesn’t actually own rental housing. We do provide funding to support several rental assistance programs. Read all about them in our “Renter’s Kit”.

I’m a senior citizen on a fixed income, how can HUD help me keep my home, find low-cost housing, or assisted living?
Answer: Income limits for housing assistance programs (see those for Alabama here) are updated each year. The HOME program income limits are different from the limits for the other rental assistance programs. We have lots of information about living choices for senior citizens. HUD-approved housing counseling agencies can help you think through your options. Contact one near you.

I am homeless, and I need help. What can I do?

Answer: We have information for people who are homeless about shelter, food, health care, jobs, and other benefits.

How can I help someone who is homeless?

Answer: You can tell your friend about the resources for people who are homeless listed on HUD’s website. And while you’re there, you may want to explore some of the other ways you can help the homeless.

I have a physical disability. What kind of housing help does HUD offer?
Answer: We offer housing choices for people with disabilities, including information on subsidized apartments and independent living centers. You also may want to contact one of the HUD-approved housing counseling agencies in your area.

How can I apply for Section 8?
Answer: To apply for public housing or Housing Choice (Section 8) vouchers, you will need to visit your local public housing authority. Many have long waiting lists, so you may want to apply at more than one public housing authority.

I have a Section 8 voucher, and I’m moving to another city. Can I take my voucher with me?
Answer: Yes, that is possible. But you’ll need to contact both your current and your future public housing authority to work out the details.

Where can I find someone who will let me use my voucher to rent a place to live?
Answer: Your public housing authority should have a list of landlords who are willing to take Housing Choice vouchers.

I’d like to rent my home to a Section 8 tenant. How can I do that?
Answer: You’ll need to contact your local public housing agency to find out how to rent to Section 8 tenants in your area.

What can I do if the government is talking about buying my home/business, forcing me to relocate?
Answer: You do have rights when a public agency acquires, rehabilitates, or demolishes your property, whether it’s a private home, business, farm, or nonprofit organization. We have information about the process, how the amount of the offer to you will be determined, and what you can do if you don’t want to accept the offer. Read about relocation assistance.

Can HUD help me if I haven’t been able to make my mortgage payments and I’m about to lose my home?
Answer: Contact one of the HUD-approved housing counseling agencies near you. Or you can call the Housing Counseling Hotline at (800) 569-4287. Also, read our tips on avoiding foreclosure.

I have an FHA loan and I want to avoid foreclosure.

Answer: Contact our National Servicing Center for assistance.  You may call the Center toll-free at (888) 297-8685, or email them at

You should also read our tips on avoiding foreclosure.

What can I do I’ve received an eviction notice?

Answer: You should contact a local legal assistance provider for advice. You should be able to find legal resources in your local phone directory. Also, you may want to check our links to local tenant rights, laws, and protections in your state.

Click here for more information about foreclosure.

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